Authentic Marketing.

Attract more success and the right customers by truly showing yourself.


It’s your time to shine.

Anja-Katharina Riesterer –
Authentic marketing, media studies
perceptual psychology.

Anja-Katharina Riesterer

You know that authentic marketing is for you when…

… you know that you can achieve much more with your business than you currently do. You find yourself wondering: Why do the wrong customers approach me – or none at all?

… you have had enough of confusing, inauthentic strategies and anonymous marketing webinars.

… values like authenticity, clarity and truthfulness are important to you.

… you have the inner fire to combine professional marketing with your authentic energy and values to turn the right people into customers.

Your authenticity attracts
what’s meant for you.

Anja-Katharina Riesterer

You get this and more from me:

  • be successfully visible with your next-level online appearance
    ( website , social media , etc.)
  • Appear on channels that you enjoy and that help you advance
  • appear in an authentic and self-confident way
  • attract the people who really want and need YOU as your customers.

You wont get this from me:

  • inauthentic marketing strategies
  • a focus on reach and numbers – you will be amazed how successful you can be with the right clients, irrespective of their count.
  • Hiding, procrastination or victim mentality. Those days are over!

I have advised and supported over 70 people and companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden.

Anja-Katharina has an amazing sense for the right words – especially when it comes to sensitive and emotional topics. This is important in order to carry our values into the world.

She also convinces me very much with her genuine, happy and profound nature. She is a consultant at eye level and clearly sets herself apart from classic marketing consultancy.

Katrin Porsch
Demeter im Norden
Head of PR

Anja-Katharina put into words what my mission is very quickly – now it appears wonderfully clear and understandable on my website and Instagram.

I love her intuition, her deep marketing knowledge and her true understanding of my work. She is an expert in many areas, including energy work and spirituality.

So I can show myself authentically to the outside world. Thank you!

Eva-Maria Janutin
Best-selling author

Anja-Katharina is extremely supportive, kind, clear and professional. She has helped me in the most amazing way with branding and creating my new website.

It has been a transformational work with a deep look into myself.

My branding now really reflects who I am and people can feel the presence of my vision.

Amrita Lindell
Medial Healing & Guidance, Sweden

Working with Anja-Katharina had a great effect – even before my new website was online!

I finally know what makes me special – and I understand what kind of people I want to adress. A lot of things just come my way now. Also via the contact form on my new website. Great!

Andrea Strasser
classical homeopathy

“I used to think that marketing was superficial and manipulative…”

Hello, I’m Anja-Katharina! Initially , I wanted to be a journalist and always thought that marketing was pretty superficial and manipulative. But with a few ” coincidences ” life made sure that I grew into exactly this area. And in doing so I experienced how deep and profound marketing can be and how much it is connected to one’s personal energy and development. And that you can use all marketing tools very authentically.

Hiding won’t help you if you have a great service, creative offering, or product that can enrich many people. You only reach the right people if you really show yourself – and not what you think you have to be in order to please.

I grew up in Hamburg (1991, Scorpio/Leo) and have worked in the world of media and communication for twelve years now.

I work with fascinating people and companies to ensure that their mission reaches the right people and is seen and understood in the world .

Together we achieve a new level of visibility and more success with the right customers.

By the way, I also studied all this, you can find my bachelor thesis klicking on ” Books “.

Questions? Text me!