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Find your WHY in business and everything changes!

by | 15. July 2020

Many clients approach me because they feel not seen and therefore do not get booked by the right customers. In business and marketing people tend to leave behind inner values and motivations. It is not primarily about WHAT you are offering

For example one of my customers offers communication training. She came to me to be more visible and to reach people who can use her teachings of non-verbal communication. Before starting with her own business she had been working in the sales field. In business and negotiation talks, it is helpful to be able to interpret non-verbal signals from the other person.

But somehow she always felt like a fish in the desert.

Me asking about her WHY changed everything.

Why are you doing what you are doing? What do you want to do in the world with it? What are you contributing to?

With her deep empathy my customer had worked in a world in which “harder” qualities are demanded. By working out her WHY she realized what she really wanted to use her knowledge for. And how many new doors this opens up for her.

“I want to help people to understand each other better. Relationships between partners, friends or parent and child are full of genuine closeness and connection. “People should not have to guess what the other person means” – she said.

Now she applies her skills in a whole new way: instead of sales, she uses them for improving people’s relationships. For a better interpersonal understanding. She can fully contribute her personality and life story and doesn’t have to force herself to develop any skills that she doesn’t have and that do not feel aligned with her values. Characteristics that she used to find annoying about herself are suddenly profitable. And her ultimate marketing strategy is now to fully show all of these characteristics and to share her story.

Together we are now working on her personal brand. My customer is full of energy now. Because now she knows WHY she is doing what she is doing. She stands by it – and communicates it clearly. This is how customers book you who like and need exactly YOU.

Feel free to drop by Nadine Marx, she is walking a great path: or here on Instagram.

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