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My book – A reminder of your true nature

by | 11. October 2020

A curious sunflower grows up in the poppy field and encounters resistance. The flower believes it has to be like the poppies around her and suppresses her very own growth. The sunflower’s true nature seems to be wrong, not fitting into this world. So it suppresses it and forgets what it is like to be a sunflower. But then a new gardener comes along and recognizes the true nature of the now shaggy plant. He helps her become a sunflower again. And finally, she even matures beyond the sunflower she is designed as…

The story of the sunflower was written one morning right after getting up – in one hour of overflowing creativity. It is the result of an inner maturation. The story is about the feeling of being different and wrong – and finally recognizing that the world needs every individuality, every single person in its true nature.

It is about the experience of being removed or even cut off from one’s truth, having to consciously reclaim it… and considering the possibility that even this painful experience might have a deeper reason and meaning.

These topics also inspire my career as a consultant for authentic marketing. Marketing is often said to be manipulative – people think they have to pretend and to work hard to make others appreciate them. There is this belief that you can only be visible if you fit into a certain image – which is not real but is based on external expectations.

But that is not what marketing has to be like. On the contrary – authenticity attracts what is truly for you . The right people will find you if you are being very honest, showing them who you are and what you stand for. That is what the story of the sunflower is all about.

You can order the book directly here – but note that it is so far written in German. English edition might come soon.

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