This is how an authentic brand gets you the right customers.

Insights into my work:
Positioning, branding, website, social media

After individual positioning work (branding), Steffi is no longer “one photographer among many others”.

She (right side) now has a clearly recognizable,authentic profile . Visually and in terms of content, she clearly stands out. Steffi remains completely authentic and stands by her work and values. In doing so, she addresses exactly the desired customers who like her artful, authentic and high-quality photos and book her as a photographer.

Website result Andrea Strasser
classical homeopathy

Andrea got to know herself anew through the positioning work and now understands how she can emphasize what makes her special. Now she receives more and suitable inquiries via her contact form – that didn’t happen before.

Social media branding & content for
Demeter im Norden

Social media & branding for Demeter: presenting the special values behind biodynamic agriculture to reach the right people.

In 10 months I created a successful account with over 1000 followers through authentic storytelling.

More examples of the more than 70 people and companies from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden that I have advised & accompanied:

Anja-Katharina can perfectly put the soul of my photography into words. This expresses what I offer. Unique and of high quality.

She does this in a very warm, authentic and empathetic way!

Stephanie Blochwitz
Award-winning photographer

Presenting a person like me on social media and a website is not easy. However, Anja-Katharina managed to do it in just a few sessions.

Her knowledge, her humor and her persistence in asking questions led to a great result. Anja-Katharina is a great marketing consultant; but above all she is a gift!

Dr. Peter Seiler
Autor & Emotionscoach

Since I’ve been working with Anja-Katharina, my homepage and my social media channels have a new aura and clarity.

Her understanding of me and my work helped me to present it in new, more authentic ways. The people who want to find me can now understand more clearly what I offer.

Anja-Katharina’s sensitive and intuitive nature supported and motivated me a lot!

Miriam Oberstaller
channel medium

Working with Anja-Katharina had a great effect – even before my new website was online!

I finally know what makes me special – and I understand what kind of people I want to adress. A lot of things just come my way now. Also via the contact form on my new website. Great!

Andrea Strasser
classical homeopathy


Spiritual rapper, speaker, author

Jessica Mair

Energy work & physiotherapy

Rudolf Steiner House Hamburg

Venue for events and culture

Thomas Kaminski


Michael Geiregger